Options that apply to shop page and other pages related to shop. You can access this option from Front > Shop


Shop Page Jumbotron

A Jumbotron is a HTML block that appears above the Shop page. A static block added from Static Blocks > Add New is used as a jumbotron. This static block can be any HTML block.

Shop Layout

In Front theme, the Shop Page can be displayed in 3 available layouts which are :

  • Left Sidebar – This is the default layout of Shop page in our theme. It has a content section occupying 75% of the screen and a widgetized sidebar section to its left occupying 25% of the screen.
  • Right Sidebar – This layout is same as the Left Sidebar layout except that the sidebar section is in the right side of the screen.
  • Full-width – This layout does not contain any sidebars. The entire screen has the content section.

You can select the layout of the shop from Front > Shop > General > Shop Layout.

Product Archive Views

Product Archive/Shop Page has 2 different views Grid and List. You can drag and arrange the views. Top most view will be the default view.

Single Product Page

Enable Related Products

Enable the Related Products option to display related products in Single Product Page.

Show Single Product Features List

Turn on-off features list in single product page

Feature List Icon

List of icons that should appear in features list.

Feature List Title

List of title that should appear in features list.

Feature List Text

List of feature text that should appear in features list.