A Classic Blog page uses featured image of a post in the Blog archive and displays excerpt below it.

Blog Classic
Blog Classic Style


You can choose “Classic” style for your blog from Front Theme Options. It can be set from Front > Blog > Blog Style and choose Classic from the dropdown.

Classic Blog Style will be applied to all category archives, tag archives, author archives, monthly archives as well as other custom archive pages for post.


Classic Blog style is available in 3 layouts which are : Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar and Full-width layouts. You can set the layout of your blog in Front Theme Options, Front > Blog > Blog Layout. In a full-width layout

Front Theme Option setting Classic Style and Left Sidebar layout



Classic Blog Style uses post excerpt in its display. We recommend that you provide an excerpt that runs in 2 lines approximately about 15 words. If an excerpt is not provided, our theme will automatically generated excerpt from your post content.

Featured Image

Classic Blog Style uses featured image in its display. The featured images should be in aspect ratio 16:9. In our demos, the dimensions we’ve used for featured images in Classic Blog is 500×280. The actual size occupied will vary depending on the layout.

A sample Image used as a featured image in a classic blog post. The dimension of this image is 500×280 but the actual size occupied will depend on the blog layout.

Blog Settings

Since classic view displays 2 posts in a single column, it is recommended that you set the number of posts per page to an even number in Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most ____ posts. In our demo we’ve set 10 for this option.