Single Page Masonry

  • Single Page Modern displays the Title and Description along with the Portfolio gallery.
  • Modern Page shows the Portfolio gallery in Masonry View.
  • In Simple Page you have to add List Table and Portfolio Social Network Block.
  • Recent Projects appears at the bottom of the page.

Single Project Settings

Project Type

Add project Type

Project Tag

Add project Tag.

Featured image

Upload featured Image.

Portfolio Gallery

Add gallery images for portfolio single page simple.

Gallery View

For simple view select Masonry from the dropdown.

List Table Settings

General Settings

you can set rows limit using No of Table rows. Default value is 4

Portfolio Social Network Settings


Select no of icons using icon range control.Default value is 3.

Enable Margin

Enable or disable Margin.Set Enable as default.

Enable Transparent

Enable or disable Transparent.Set Enable as default.

Enable Circle

Enable or disable Circle.Set Disable as default.


Select icon design default or soft.Select soft as default.

Social Network Icon

You can select icon for social network from dropdown.

Icon Background Color

you can select background color for icon from color palette.

Social Network Link

Enter link for social network icons.