Once installed and activated the Woocommerce plugin, it takes you through a setup Wizard, using which you can set some of the basic configurations of your store. 

Set up Woocommerce Pages

Shop, Cart, Checkout & My Account pages are automatically created when WooCommerce plugin is activated. If for any reason, these pages are missing you have to manually create and setup these pages.

  • Shop – This is the archive page for products to display all WooCommerce products. To setup your Shop page, go to Pages > Add New, create a page named Shop and Publish. After hitting the Publish button, please navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Products tab and set this as your Shop Page. 
  • Cart – This is where a user can review all the products that have been added to the cart. Read in detail to setup cart page in Cart
  • Checkout – This is where a user can enter his billing & shipping details, choose his payment method and complete the order. Read in detail to setup checkout page in Checkout
  • My Account – This is where a registered user can manage this orders and his account details. Read in detail to setup my account page in My Account

Shop Overview