Hero Carousel #1

Hero Carousel #1 gutenberg block is a large hero area. Typically used at the very top of a page. It contains an inner block of Info Section #18.

Hero Carousel #1 Block Settings

Icon Settings panel

  • Icon: Search and select the icon. For SVG icon search icon in icon control text box. The default icon is fas fa-credit-card .
  • Icon Background Color: Choose icon background color.

Background Settings panel

  • Backgrounds have a significant impact on the design of a website. They help create a site’s look and feel. There are two types of settings are available: Single and Gradient.
  • Background Type: Choose single or gradient background.
  • Single: Solid background color.
  • Gradient: Gradient ( Combination of two or more colors ) background color.

Button Settings panel

  • Buttons allow you to take actions, and make choices, with a single tap.
  • Design: There are 4 button designs available. Choose Default button design as default.
  • Background: Choose the background color for your button. Choose warning as default button color.
  • Size: Extra Small, Small, Default and Large button size are available. The default size for this block is Default
  • Border Radius: Rounded, Default, Pill and Circle are the available border radius. The default border radius is Default
  • Icon: You can choose the icons for the button block.The default icon is fas fa-arrow-right .
  • Is Icon After text: Enable or disable the icon to position before the button text. set Enable option as default.
  • Enable Transition: Enable or disable the button hover transition. set Enable option as default.

Display Settings panel

  • Enable or disable the content in the block.

Advanced panel

  • Additional CSS Class(es): Enter additional class.

Hero Carousel #1 Block Output