Hero Profile

A large Hero area to manage Hero’s Profile. Typically used at the very top of a page. You can add a profile image, name, title, and text. This block may be useful if you are looking to introduce your team members or any one’s profile.

Block Settings

General Settings

  • Display Title: Enable or disable title. Default: Enable
  • Display SubTitle: Enable or disable subtitle. Default: Enable
  • Display Author Image: Enable or disable author image. Default: Enable
  • Display Background Image: Enable or disable background image. Default: Enable
  • Enable Info Section: Enable or disable author information. Default: Enable
  • Enable Icon in Info Section: Enable or disable icon in author information. Default: Enable
  • Enable Separator: Enable or disable separator. Default: Enable
  • No of Info: Drag the slider to set number of information to displayed about author. Default: 2

Icon Settings

Choose the icon from the list of icons to displayed in author information

Background Image Setting

Backgrounds have a significant impact on the design of a website. They help create a site’s look and feel. Import a image from your media library or upload a new one.

Color Settings

Use color picker to change block icon and overlay color.

Additional CSS Class

Enter the additional class name