Info Grid #9

Grid style #9 of informative blocks/components.

Block Settings


Select style version for Info Grid #9. select info grid #1 as default.

General Settings

Limit: Drag the slider to set the total number of blocks to be displayed. set 2 as the default limit.

Enable Container: Enable or Disable container class.

Columns: Drag the slider to set no of columns for all screen. Default value for lg screen  3.

Button Settings

Enable Button: Enable to show button in the grid block.

Buttons allow you to take actions, and make choices, with a single tap.

  • Button Design: There are 4 button designs are available.Soft button is chosen as default design.
  • Button Background: Choose the background color for your button. Primary background color is chosen as default.
  • Is wide: Enable for wide button. The default is Enable
  • Button Size: Extra Small, Small, Default and Large button size are available. The default size value for this block is Small
  • Button Border Radius: Rounded, Default, Pill and Circle are the available border radius. The default border radius is Default
  • Button Icon: You can choose the icons for the button block. Default icon is fas fa-angle-right.
  • Is Icon After text: Enable or disable the icon to position before the button text. set Enable option as default.
  • Is Icon Button?: Enable or disable only icon ( without text ) as button. set Disable option as default.
  • Enable Transition: Enable or disable transition effect for button. set Disable option as default.

Additional CSS Class

Add extra class name for the block.

Block Output

Info Grid 1

Info Grid 2