Default Footer

Default Footer gutenberg block is found at the bottom of your site pages. It typically includes important informations. It has seventeen different styles.

Default Footer Block Settings

General Settings Panel

  • Choose the style of the default footer.
  • Enable Container: Enable or disable container.
  • Enable Container Fluid: Enable or disable fluid container.

Logo Settings Panel

  • Enable Light Logo: Enable or disable light logo.
  • Enable Logo Site Title: Enable or disable logo site title.
  • Upload Custom Logo: You can upload custom logo here.
  • Custom Logo Width: Set the custom logo width.

Copyright Settings Panel

  • Enable copyright: Enable or disable footer copyright.
  • Copyright Text: Enter footer copyright text.

Contact Settings Panel

  • Contact Title: Enter the contact title.
  • Contact Number: Enter Contact Number.
  • Contact Mail Address: Enter e-mail address.
  • Contact Mail Address Link: Enter e-mail address link.

Footer Title & Button Settings Panel

  • Buttons allow you to take actions, and make choices, with a single tap.
  • Design: There are 4 button designs available. Choose Default button design as default.
  • Background: Choose the background color for your button. Choose warning as default button color.
  • Size: Extra Small, Small, Default and Large button size are available. The default size for this block is Small
  • Is Wide: Enable or disable is wide button. set Disable option as default.
  • Is Wide Sm: Enable or disable is wide sm button. set Disable option as default.
  • Is Block: Enable or disable is block button. set Disable option as default.
  • Border Radius: Rounded, Default, Pill and Circle are the available border radius. The default border radius is Default
  • Icon: You can choose the icons for the button block.The default icon is fas fa-arrow-right .
  • Is Icon After text: Enable or disable the icon to position before the button text. set Enable option as default.
  • Enable Transition: Enable or disable the button hover transition. set Enable option as default.
  • Button Text: Enter Button Text.
  • Button Link: Insert button link.
  • Footer Title: Enter footer title.

Menu Settings Panel

  • Select a Primary Menu: Choose menu to display as primary menu.
  • Select a Social Menu: Choose menu to display as Social menu.

Footer Widgets Panel

  • Footer Column 1: Choose the widgets to display in footer column 1.
  • Footer Column 2: Choose the widgets to display in footer column 2.
  • Footer Column 3 Choose the widgets to display in footer column 3.
  • Footer Column 4: Choose the widgets to display in footer column 4.

Footer Before Content Panel

  • Search and select footer before static content.

Advanced panel

  • Additional CSS Class(es): Enter additional class.

Default Footer Block Output

For details please visit Default Footer Block Output.

Default Footer Menus

For details please visit Default Footer Menus.