Icon Block Center

Block Settings


Select style version for Icon Block Center. select Style 1 as default.

Enable Container: Enable or Disable container class.

Columns( md ): Drag the slider to select number of columns for medium screen. set 3 as the default column.

No of icons: Drag the slider to select number of icon you want to display. set 3 as the default no of icon.

Display Settings

Enable Divider: Enable to show divider.Disable to hide divider.

Display Header: Enable to show header options.

Display Title: Enable to show block Title.Default is Enable.

Display PreTitle: Enable to show block Pretitle.Default is Enable.

Display Description: Enable to show block Description.Default is Disable.

Icon Settings

SvgIcon : Select icons for style 1 from the dropdown icons.

Design: Two designs are available for icons they are Default and Soft.

Background Color: Select background color for icons using color palette.

Additional CSS Class

Add extra class name for the block.

Block Output

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5