Hero Block

Hero Block is a large hero area. Typically used at the very top of a page. With the Hero block, you can use a attractive design to catch your visitors’ attention while showing what your page is all about.

Block Settings


In Hero Block, there are totally 18 layout styles are available. You can choose any one of the style as your choice.

General Settings

  • Enable Parallex Effect: On or Off parallex effect. Default: On
  • Enable Container: On or Off container option. Default: On
  • Enable Subtitle: On or Off subtitle. Default: On
  • Enable Separator: On or Off separator. Default: Off

Color Settings

Use color picker to change the block pretitle, title and subtitle color.

Background Settings

Backgrounds have a significant impact on the design of a website. They help create a site’s look and feel. There are three types of settings are available: Single, Gradient and Image.

  • Single: Solid background color
  • Gradient: Gradient ( Combination of two or more colors ) background color
  • Image: Upload image as background

In every style layout, different background types are used.

Additional CSS Class

Enter the additional class name

Block Output

Style v1

Style v2

Style v3

Style v4

Style v5

Style v6

Style v7

Style v8

Style v9

Style v10

Style v11

Style v12

Style v13

Style v14

Style v15

Style v16

Style v17

Style v18