Companies Search Form

Companies Hero Search is a large hero area. Typically used at the very top of a page. With the Companies Hero Search, you can use to search the companies.

Block Settings

General Settings

  • Enable Container ?: Enable or disable the Container.
  • Display SVG ?: Enable or disable SVG Image.
  • Display Pretitle ? : Enable or disable pretitle.
  • Display Title ?: Enable or disable block title.
  • Block Pretitle: Enter the text for block pretitle.
  • Block Title: Enter the text for block title.
  • Keywords Title: Enter text for keywords label
  • Keywords Placeholder: Enter text for keywords Placeholder.
  • Location Title: Enter text for Location label.
  • Location Placeholder: Enter text for Location Placeholder.
  • Search Button Text: Enter text for Submit button.
  • Background Color: pick the form background color from color picker.

Block Output