Pricing Interactive #3

Pricing Interactive #3 is one of the pricing block, which is used show your membership pricing rates with modern design.

Block Settings

General Settings

  • Enable Container ?: Enable or disable container option.
  • Enable Parallax ?: Enable or disable parallax option.
  • Display Pretitle ? : Enable or disable pretitle.
  • Display Title ?: Enable or disable block title.
  • Display Description ?: Enable or disable block description.
  • Enable Bottom Icon Block ?: Enable or disable bottom icon block.
  • Display Icon Settings ?: Enable or disable Icon Section
  • Shadow : Select the pricing block shadow type.
  • Icon: Enter the icon class for block bottom icon block.

Background Settings

  • Background Type: Select the any one background type.
  • Background Image: Upload background image.

Icon Block Settings

  • Icon Blocks Limit: Drag the slider to set the number of Icon lists to be displayed.
  • Icon Block #: Enter the icon class for each icon block.
  • Icon Block # After Text ?: Enable or disable text after icon.

Range Slider Settings

  • Slide Min: Enter the minimum value for range slider.
  • Slide Steps: Enter the minimum value to be step on sliding.
  • No of Steps: Enter the total number of steps to have on range slide.
  • Slide Default: Enter the default value of the slider on refresh.
  • Value forĀ #: Enter the value for each steps.

Additional CSS Class

Enter the additional class name

Block Output