Companies is used to listing jobs posted with MAS Companies for WP Job Manager, which is used show some of your companies in home or landing pages.

Block Settings

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Companies Settings

General Settings :

  • Enable Container ?: Enable or disable the Container.
  • Display Pretitle ? : Enable or disable pretitle.
  • Display Title ?: Enable or disable block title.
  • Display Description ?: Enable or disable block description.
  • Display Button ?: Enable or disable block button.
  • Enable Bottom Border ?: Enable or disable border after block.
  • Enable Background SVG ?: Enable or disable background SVG.

Additional CSS Class

Enter the additional class name

Companies Content Settings


In Companies Content Settings, there are 2 layout styles are available. You can choose any one of the style as your choice.

Company Attributes:

  • Limit: Drag the slider to set the number of items to be displayed.
  • Orderby: choose the order of the companies will be based on.
  • Order: Choose the order of the jobs ASC/ DESC.
  • Choose Category: Choose the which category or categories of companies to be displayed.

Block Output

List Small