Hero Form #3

Block Navigation :

Paste your form html into advanced shortcode block.

Hero Form 3 settings

Enable Buttons :

You can enable or disable buttons.

Number of Buttons :

You can select number of the button by using rangecontrol.

Video Settings :

Upload your video for pop up paste your video link inot the link box. Upload your background video id into the Bg video id box.

Background Image :

Upload your background image. Note: Your uploaded image only visible in mobile view.

Overlay Settings :

Select your overlay color by using the color palette.

Color Settings :

You can select color or custom color of title and Description in the color palette.

Button Settings :

  • You can choose button designs for your cover page buttons. It has four type styles default, outline, soft, text.
  • You can select button background color in the color palette.
  • You can select button sizes. It has three type of sizes Extra small , Small, Large.
  • Enable or disable is wide option for coverpage button.
  • You can select border radius for button. It has three types Rounded 0, Pill, Circle
  • Enter your icon by using the icon-class.
  • You can enable or disable icon after text.
  • You can enable or disable icon button.
  • You can enable or disable transition.

Advanced Css class :

Enter additional class name.

Hero form 3 Output