Electro Products Carousel 1

Allows you to add products carousel 1 on your page.


Enter titleTextEnter title.Trending products
Action TextTextEnter the action text.Go to Trending products
Action LinkTextEnter the action link.none
Product ShortcodeDropdownChoose what type of products you want to show in the carousel.Recent Products
Number of products to displayTextNumber of products to be displayed.20
Order byTextSet the order of the carousel to be Displayeddate
OrderTextSet the Carousel in Ascending or Descending Order.DESC
Enter Product IDsTextIDs of the products that you want to show in the grid separated by comma.none
Enter Category SlugTextEnter category slugnone
Carousel : ItemsTextEnter the carousel item7
Carousel: MarginTextEnter carousel margin valuenone
Carousel : Show NavigationCheckboxEnable / Disable carousel navigationEnable
Carousel : Show DotsCheckboxEnable / Disable carousel dotsEnable
Carousel : Enable Touch DragCheckboxEnable / Disable carousel touch dragEnable
Carousel: AutoplayCheckboxEnable / Disable carousel autoplayDisable
Enter class nameTextEnter the extra class nametrending-products-carousel

Sample Output