Electro Onsale Products Carousel

Allows you to add products carousel on your page.


TitleTextEnter titleNone
Show Savings DetailsCheckboxEnable saving detailsEnable
Savings inSelectSelect savingsAmount
Savings TextTextEnter saving textNone
Number of Products to displayTextEnter the number of products to display.None
Product ChoiceSelectSelect productRecent
Product IDTextEnter the product id seperate by comma(,).None
Show custom NavigationCheckboxEnable navigationDisable
Show ProgressCheckboxEnable progressDisable
Show CartbuttonCheckboxEnable cartbuttonDisable
Carousel:Show DotsTextEnable dotsEnable
Carousel: Enable Touch DragTextEnable touchdragDisable
Carousel: Nav Next TextTextEnter nav next valueNone
Carousel: Nav prev TextTextEnter nav previous valueNone
Carousel: MarginTextNoneNone
Carousel: AutoplayTextEnable autoplayDisable

Sample output