Electro Products Carousel

Allows you to add products carousel on your page.


TitleTextEnter titleNone
Shortcode TagsSelectSelect productsRecent products
LimitTextNumber of products to be displayedNone
Order byTextSort retrieved posts by parameter. Defaults to ‘date’. One or more options can be passedDate
OrderTextDesignates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby’ parameter. Defaults to ‘DESC’.Desc
Products ChoiceSelectSelect ProductsIds
Product ID or SKUsTextEnter IDs/SKsp separate by comma(,).None
CategoryTextEnter IDs/SKsp separate by comma(,).None
Show Custom NavigationCheckboxEnable custom navigationDisable
Carousel: ItemsTextEnter product items6
Carousel: Items(0 – 479)TextEnter products itemNone
Carousel: Items(480 – 767)TextEnter products itemNone
Carousel: Items(768 – 991)TextEnter products itemNone
Carousel: Items(992 – 1199)TextEnter products itemNone
Carousel:Show DotsTextEnable dotsEnable
Carousel: Enable Touch DragTextEnable touchdragDisable
Carousel: AutoplayTextEnable autoplayDisable

Sample output