Is the theme GDPR complaint ?

The theme does not store any data and hence no additional steps are required to make the theme GDPR complaint. However WooCommerce, WordPress and other plugins you use does/may store and manage user data. WordPress and WooCommerce have released updated versions of their plugins that are GDPR complaint. Please update the theme, WooCommerce and WordPress to make your website GDPR complaint.

Cannot activate Visual Composer. Can I have the correct activation key ?

Visual Composer is distributed as part of the theme under “In-Stock License” which means you do not need a separate license. However this in-stock license only allows you to use the plugin but not update automatically or activate it. Activation is only required for automatic updates and support access.

We provide support for Visual Composer and whenever a visual composer update is available, we will download the latest version test it against our theme and bundle it as a theme update. So updating the theme will get you the latest version of Visual Composer.

Once you had updated your theme, you will have to navigate to Appearance > Plugins > Visual Composer and de-activate and delete the existing version. Once you have deleted all the Visual Composer files, you will be prompted again to install Visual Composer. This time you can install the latest version from the theme.

The same applies for Slider Revolution too.

Does Electro supports vendor management ?

Electro is a WooCommerce theme and it supports all the features of WooCommerce. However “Vendor Management” is not a feature of WooCommerce. There are plugins like Dokan, WC Vendors, etc that allow you to extend WooCommerce into a vendor management system. While the theme is compatible with Dokan and WC Vendors, we only provide basic compatibility support. We do not provide support for its features or non-availability of features.

How to check and update my host PHP settings ?

Recommended PHP Settings for Electro

Electro recommends following PHP settings :

  • PHP version : 7.1+
  • memory_limit : minimum 256M
  • upload_max_filesize : minimum 32M
  • post_max_size : minimum 32M
  • max_execution_time : 30s or 60s

Checking PHP Settings of your server

To check the above PHP settings of your server :

  • Install and activate the plugin WordPress phpinfo() from Plugins > Add New
  • After activation you can view your servers PHP info in Settings > PHPInfo
  • The PHP version used is displayed at the very top of the phpinfo page
  • Please do a browser search to search for the above PHP settings and make sure your server meets the recommended PHP settings for Electro

How to update the PHP Settings

If your server does not meed the recommended settings, you need to update these PHP settings. These settings are part of a file called php.ini which needs to be updated. Different webhosts have different ways to update the php.ini file. It is recommended to contact your webhost and ask them on how to update these settings.

What is the logo font ?

The font used in electro logo is Nanami Rounded.