Visual Composer is a premium drag drop plugin that comes bundled with the theme. It provides 40+ elements that can be easily added to your page. In addition to extending functionalities of existing elements, Sinbad theme has added 19 additional elements. With this set of elements, you will be able to create unlimited varities of pages.

Sinbad Elements

There are 19 additional elements that are made available via Sinbad Extensions plugin.They are :

  1. Action List
  2. Banner
  3. Banners
  4. Brands Carousel
  5. Single Deal
  6. Deals Carousel
  7. Features List
  8. Notice
  9. Products Categories Carousel
  10. Products Carousel Tabs
  11. Products Carousel Type 1
  12. Products Carousel Type 2
  13. Products Tabs
  14. Pincode Check
  15. Products Tabs with Banner
  16. Products with Banner
  17. Team Member
  18. Terms
  19. Revolution Slider

How to update Visual Composer?

How to get the latest version of the plugin?

The Visual Composer plugin comes bundled with the theme. We’ll always make sure to include the latest version in the main theme package so you can update yours.

Head on to ThemeForest and download the latest theme package. You’ll find it in the Downloads section, where all your downloads are. Inside the package, navigate to Assets > PremiumPlugins >

How to update the plugin?

  1. In you WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to the Plugins section.
  2. De-activate and delete the current version of Visual Composer.
  3. For uploading, use the file, which you can find in the main theme package downloaded from ThemeForest, inside Assets > PremiumPlugins > folder.