Smartphones Jumbotron

  1. Navigate to Static Content > Add New.
  2. Give it a title, lets say “Smartphones Jumbotron“. The title is not used anywhere in displaying the menu.
  3. Click on Backend Editor. It will display Visual Composer Backend Editor. We will use this back end editor to build our Smartphones Jumbotron.
  4. Smartphones Jumbotron has 1 row with one column.

The Details

Text Block

  • Column 1 – Click on the Add button. It should popup Add Element button. Let us add Text Block widget under WordPress Widgets.
    • Text Block : The content of the text block

<div class="jumbotron-product-category">
<p class="no-margin"><img class="jumbo-image wp-image-2724 alignright" src="" alt="" width="416" height="283" /></p>
<h3 class="jumbo-title">Experience as Pro Gamers</h3>
<p class="jumbo-subtitle">Integer luctus urna non erat tincidunt semper. Fusce mi massa, facilisis vitae luctus ullamcorper, cursus eget odio.</p>

Output of Smartphones Jumbotron