Allows you to add terms to your page.


Field Type Description Default
Taxonomy Text Taxonomy name, or comma-separated taxonomies, to which results should be limited. Category
Order By Text Enter order by terms name
Order Text Enter order either by ascending or descending order ASC
Hide Empty ? Select Whether to hide terms not assigned to any posts. Accepts 1 or 0. Default 0. 0
Include IDs Text Comma-separated string of term ids to include. none
Exclude IDs Text Comma-separated string of term ids to exclude. If Include is non-empty, Exclude is ignored. none
Number Text Enter maximum number of terms to return. 0
Offset Text The number by which to offset the terms query. 0
Name Text Name or comma-separated string of names to return term(s) for. none
Slug Select Slug or comma-separated string of slugs to return term(s) for. none
Hierarchical Text Accept 1 or 0 to include terms 1
Child Of Text Term ID to retrieve child terms of 0
Include “Child Of” Term ? Text Include “Child Of” term in the terms list. Accepts 1 (yes) or 0 (no). Default 1. 1
Parent Text Parent term ID to retrieve direct-child terms of. none