Contact v2 Page

Contact v2 page of Electro is built using Visual Composer.It has 1 element. The Visual Composer Backend editor of the page look like this

The Details

Contact Form

  • It has two columns of ratio 1/2 : 1/2.

Column 1 (1/2) :

  • It has 2 elements which are Text Block element and Contact Form 7 element.
  • Text Block : The content of the text block: *
  • <h2 class="contact-page-title">Leave us a Message</h2>
    Maecenas dolor elit, semper a sem sed, pulvinar molestie lacus. Aliquam dignissim, elit non mattis ultrices,
    neque odio ultricies tellus, eu porttitor nisl ipsum eu massa.

  • Contact Form 7 : Here is the image for Contact Form 7 Setting page.
  • Sample Contact Form 7 code :

<div class="form-group row">
<div class="col-xs-12 col-md-6">
<label>First name*</label>
[text* first-name class:input-text first-name]
<div class="col-xs-12 col-md-6">
<label>Last name*</label>
[text* last-name class:input-text last-name]
<div class="form-group">
[text subject class:input-text your-subject]
<div class="form-group">
<label>Your Message</label>
[textarea your-message]
<div class="form-group clearfix">
<p>[submit "Send Message"]</p>

Column 2 (1/2) :

  • This column has store-info store-info-v2 as class name.
  • It has 2 elements which are Google Maps and Text Block Element.
  • Here is the screenshot of Google Maps Setting page.

  • Text Block : The content of the text block setting

<h2 class="contact-page-title">Our Address</h2>
17 Princess Road London, Greater London NW1 8JR, UK
Support(+800)856 800 604
Email: <a href=""></a>
<h3>Opening Hours</h3>
Monday to Friday: 9am-9pm
Saturday to Sunday: 9am-11pm
If you're interested in employment opportunities at Electro, please email us: <a href=""></a>