Footer Widgets

How to enable Brand Slider

Brands slider can be enabled from Electro > Footer > Enable Brands slider.
You can assign an attribute as a brand attribute in Electro > Shop > Brand Attribute.

Edit or remove Top Rated, Onsale and Featured Products

The “Top Rated Products” along with other 2 columns are part of ”Footer Widgets” and are loaded by default when there are no widgets. To change it you can add your own widgets in Appearance > Widgets > Footer Widgets.

You can also disable the footer widgets section in Electro > Footer > Show Footer Widgets to “No”.

How to make the default width of Footer widgets to full width

To make footer widget full width, follow the link:


How to integrate newsletter function

You can use any newsletter service that you prefer. You can then paste the form that the provide gives or the shortcode into Electro > Footer > Newsletter Signup Form field.

If you are using MailChimp, you can use a plugin like mailchimp-for-wp. Then navigate to MailChimp > Forms and create a form like given here :

After that you will have a shortcode on creating the form. You will have to paste the shortcode in Electro > Footer > Newsletter Signup Form.

Newsletter subscribe to work

The Newsletter in the footer is by default a regular form with no action. You will have to use a newsletter subscription service like MailChimp or your own email form via Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms.

For example if you are using a newsletter service like mailchimp, you can use this plugin : to create your newsletter subscription form. Your subscription form should be like this :

Or if you are using contact form 7 you can create a form like this :

Once you’ve created your forms you need to paste that shortcode in Electro > Footer > Newsletter signup form.

Footer Bottom Widgets

How to delete “Find it Fast” and “Customer Care” Titles

The area you’ve marked is the ”Footer Bottom Widgets”. They are the default widgets. You can add your own widgets to Appearance > Widgets > Footer Bottom Widgets.

Adjust the width and spacing of the footer bottom widgets

You can adjust the width and spacing of the footer bottom widgets from theme options.Ref :

Adjust the width of the Contact block and footer bottom widget

This is the code that is used to display the footer bottom widgets + contact block :

You can see between lines 11-16, we have set the width using bootstrap column width classes. You can place the above code in your child theme’s functions.php and then edit the column classes with the width that you wish.

Handheld Footer