Options that apply to header related to all pages. You can access this option from Electro > Header

Show Top Bar

Enable or disable the top bar which is in the top of the page.

Show Top Bar in Mobile

Enable or disable the top bar in Mobile view.

Your Logo

In Your Logo option, click on upload button to launch WordPress Media Library. Choose an existing media file or upload a new media file.Click on Save Changes button to save the logo.

Header Style

You will find Header Style option with Header v1, Header v2, Header v3 and Header v4 as four choices presented as dropdown. Choose the dropdown that represents the style of your choice and click on Save Changes.

Sticky Header

Enable or disable sticky header. Sticky Header option enabled for Header v2, Header v3 and Header v4.when enable Sticky Header option, header remain visible even after the user scrolls down on the page. If not the whole, at least a part of the header is visible depending on its settings.

Vertical Menu Title

Enter the title for Vertical Menu.All Departments is chosen by default Vertical Menu Title.

Vertical Menu Icon

Enter the icon for Vertical Menu.fa fa-list-ul is chosen by default Vertical Menu Icon.

Header v2 “All Departments” menu title

Enter the title for Header v2 Vertical Menu. Shop By Department is chosen by default Header v2 Vertical Menu Title.

Navbar Search Placeholder

Enter Placeholder text for search box.It will disappear when you start typing in the input field.

Show Search Categories dropdown

Enable or disable search categories dropdown in Navbar Search Form.

Search Category Dropdown

Search Category Dropdown has two options, one is Include only top level categories which will switch off the sub-categories menu and only display top level of categories, another one is Include all categories display all type of category with their sub-category. Choose any one of the option as you wish.

Navbar Search default dropdown text

Enter the text in Search Category Dropdown field.

Show Header Support Block

Enable or disable header support block. Header Support Block is on the right side of Header v2 which includes support number and Email detail.

Header Support Number

Enter header support number. Support (+800) 856 800 604 is chosen by default.

Header Support Email

Enter header support email. Email: info@electro.com is chosen by default.