Help Center

Template Hero

  •  Hide Hero: This setting allows you to hide hero block.
  • Hero Subtitle: Enter the hero block subtitle. Default: Ask Questions. Browse Topics. Find Answers
  • Hero Bg: This setting allows you to upload an backgroundimage for hero

Template Topics

  • Hide Topics: This setting allows you to hide topics block.
  • Topics Title: Enter topic block title. Default: Select a Topic
  • Topics Column: Choose the number of columns to display topics. Default: 3
  • Rows: Choose the number of rows to display topics. Default: 6

Template Articles

  • Hide articles: This setting allows you to hide articles block.
  • Articles Title: Enter title for articles block. Default: Popular Articles
  • Article Count: Choose the number of count to display articles. Default: 10

Template Action

  • Hide Action: This setting allows you to hide action block.
  • Action Title: Enter title for action block. Default: Haven’t found the answer? We can help.
  • Icon Class: Enter icon class. Default: czi-help
  • Action link Text: Enter action link text. Default: Submit a request
  • Action Sub Title: Enter action block subtitle. Default: Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Is modal enable?: This setting allows you to add custom url.