Hero Carousel #1




  • No of slides: You can choose number of slides to carousel.

Slide Settings

  • Background Image: You can choose background image.
  • Background Color: You can choose background color.
  • Enable Pretitle: Enable or Disable Pretitle.
  • Display Title: Enable or Disable title.
  • Display Subtitle: Enable or Disable subtitle.
  • Display Button: Enable or Disable button.


  • Pretitle-animation: You can choose pretitle animation.
  • Pretitle-delay: You can choose pretitle delay.
  • Title-animation: You can choose title animation.
  • Title-delay: You can choose title delay.
  • Subtitle-animation: You can choose subtitle animation.
  • Subtitle-delay: You can choose subtitle delay.

Buttton Settings

  • Button Design: Choose button design solid or outline.
  • Button Animation: Select animation style.
  • Button Delay: Select delay
  • Button size: Select size.
  • Button shape: Select shape.
  • Enable Shadow: Enable or disable button shadow.
  • Background color: Select button background color by using color palette.
  • Icon: Select button icon.
  • Is icon button: Enable or disable button is icon.
  • Icon after text: Enable or disable Icon is after text.


  • You can hide the block in Desktop, Tablet or Mobile views.
  • You can add additional class in Advanced.