Start with MAS Videos in 5 Steps

In this Getting Started guide, we teach you how to set up a website with MAS Videos.

Choose Hosting

You need to be running WordPress on a self-hosted site.

If you need a new host or don’t have one yet see our recommended hosts who can get you set up with MAS Videos right away.

Install WordPress

Now you have a space to start building your website. To lay a foundation, use the free WordPress software platform.

Many hosting companies have one-click WordPress installation available, so be sure to look for this option or ask if it’s available. Otherwise, you can download from and then install by following instructions at: Famous 5-Minute Install.

Pick a Theme

Decide on the look of your website/store by selecting a theme. Use a free theme included with WordPress or purchase a premium theme.

We recommend Vodi because they are built and optimized for MAS Videos.

If Vodi isn’t for you, there are lots of other themes that work great with MAS Videos.

Activate MAS Videos

With your website up and running, it’s time to install MAS Videos.

Upon activating the plugin, you are prompted with a Create Pages. We strongly advise to create pages, as it takes you through initial setup.

Learn More

To learn more about working with MAS Videos: