WPForms is a WordPress plugin that makes it extremely easy for WordPress users to build and manage Forms. It provides an easy to use drag-drop form builder. While you can use any contact form plugin for your website, we recommend using WPForms for Around. WPForms is one of Around’s recommended plugins.

Creating Forms

To create a new form, please make sure WPForms plugin is installed and activated. You can now create a new form from WPForms > Add New.

Add New Form Screen

Once you click on Add New, a new page opens where you create a new form along with a template. You can choose a simple contact form or signup form. You can also choose a suggestion form or blank form templates.

Once you’ve created the form, you can now use WPForms drag-drop form builder to build the form fields.

Demo Forms

Around demo includes 18 different forms. These forms are imported if you run one click demo import for any demo. Around uses WPForms for Contact Pages, Home Page and Footer.

Around Demo Forms


You can access WPForms Settings from WPForms > Settings. For Landkit forms, you can set General > Include Form Styling and choose No Styling. This is because the form styles are included for WPForms.