Widgets, Skins & Extend


In addition to the default widgets. Landkit includes additional widgets to help you build your website.

Landkit Widgets Section in Elementor


Search widget is used to display a search form in Hero blocks. It displays Jobs, Blog or Docs search.


Badge widget is used to display additional information linked with the particular post. It will also be used a notification linked with the post.

Testimonial Carousel

Testimonial carousel is used for showing feedbacks and writing testimonials of users on your site. You are free to add any kind of proof to make reviews trustworthy like author’s name, photo and logo.

Brands Carousel

Brands carousel lets you showcase the logo of the various brands affiliated. It helps to display the brands stand out to the visitors.

Image Box carousel

Image box carousel allows you add interesting galleries to your page. It lets you add image with content and showcase in your website.

Posts Carousel

Post carousel is used to showcase the posts to your users. It helps you display posts carousel with Images, Post Title, Post Excerpt and meta options.


The counters widget enables you to add numbered counter to your page. You can use it to showcase your stats in an animated fashion.


This widget allows you to display images inside Macbook, Terminal, iPhone X screens.

Shape Dividers

This widget allows you to add a shape divider between sections.

Highlighted Heading

This widget lets you display heading in 2 colors. It can also be used as a regular heading.

Image Grid

This widget lets you display images in grids of different styles.

User Account Forms

This widget lets you display 3 forms: Sign In, Sign Up and Password Reset. Sign up is available only if user registration is enabled in Settings > General.

Posts, Portfolio, Docs & Jobs

These widgets are used to display posts and custom post types.

Pricing Table & Price Switcher

This widget lets you display a pricing table. The price switcher allows the pricing table to toggle between annual and monthly prices.

Typed Headline

This widget lets you display the heading in typed animation.


Use this widget to display a Mapbox in your website.


Skins are used to extend existing widgets of Elementor. Landkit Elementor overrides the following Elementor widgets through skins.

Card – Accordion

Provides a card like UI for the default Accordion widget.

Landkit – Button

Landkit buttons in Elementor. Here is a list of available options for Landkit buttons: https://landkit.goodthemes.co/docs/buttons.html

Card – Counter

Card like layout for Counters widget. It is displayed here: https://landkit.madrasthemes.com/cloud-hosting/

Flex – Counter

This is the default Landkit counter display.

Display – Counter

Heading like counters. It is used to display counters here: https://landkit.madrasthemes.com/service/

Skewed Image

Display an image as a skewed image.

Card – Icon List

Displays a card like design for Icon Lists.


We’ve added additional controls to existing Elementor widgets to extend their behaviour or modify their CSS classes.