Menu & Locations


Tokoo has 6 menu locations and they are :

  • Top Bar Left Menu – Appears on Header v1,v3 and v4
  • Top Bar Right Menu – Appears on Header v1,v3 and v4
  • Departments Menu – Appears on all Header
  • Primary Nav Menu – Appears on Header v2,v4 and v5
  • Secondary Nav Menu – Appears on Header v2,v3,v4 and v5
  • Handheld Menu – Appears on mobile

All the menus can be assigned from Appearance > Menus > Manage Location

Top Bar, All Departments & Secondary Nav

Header v1 has the following menu locations :

  • Top Bar Left Menu
  • Top Bar Right Menu
  • Departments Menu
  • Secondary Nav Menu
  • primary nav Menu

Top Bar Left Menu and Secondary Nav Menu Structure

Top Bar Right Menu Structure

Departments Menu Structure

Primary Nav Menu structure

Mobile Handheld Menu

This menu appears only in Mobile. It is built with icons for best results. Here is how handheld mobile department menu looks :