Widgets, Skins & Extend


In addition to the default widgets. Skola includes additional widgets to help you build your website.

Pricing Table & Price Switcher

This widget lets you display a pricing table. The price switcher allows the pricing table to toggle between annual and monthly prices.


The countdown widget enables you to add countdown to your page. You can use for the

Course carousel is used to showcase the different courses available. It helps you display courses with details like the instructor, duration, fees and ratings.

Hero Carousel

The Hero Image Carousel Widget allows you to add interesting and dynamic galleries to your pages

Testimonial Carousel

Testimonial carousel is used for showing feedbacks and writing testimonials of users on your site. You are free to add any kind of proof to make reviews trustworthy like author’s name, photo and logo.

Instructor Carousel

Instructor Carousel is used to display different instructors in Carousel.

Image Grid

This widget lets you display images in grids of different styles.

Post Title

The Post Title widget  is used to dynamically display the current post’s title.

Highlighted Heading

This widget lets you display heading in 2 colors. It can also be used as a regular heading.

Posts, Courses and Events

These widgets are used to display posts, courses and events.

Cards Carousel

 Cards Carousel  widget to display two or more pieces of content that transition from one to the next in a carousel format.

Skola Breadcrumbs

Use this Skola Breadcrumbs Widget for an easy breadcumbs navigation solution to your WordPress site.


We’ve added additional controls to existing Elementor widgets to extend their behaviour or modify their CSS classes.