Setup Adult, Children and Infant WooCommerce Product Attributes

Set the Product Type:

To add a variable product, create a new product or edit an existing one.

Go to: WooCommerce > Products.
Select the Add Product button or Edit an existing product. The Product Data displays.
Select Variable product from the Product Data dropdown.

Add Attributes to Use for Variations:

In the Attributes section, add attributes before creating variations — use global attributes that are site-wide or define custom ones specific to a product.

Global Attributes
To use a global attribute on your product:

  1. First create a global attribute.
  2. Then you can choose said global attribute from the dropdown and select Add.
  3. Choose Select all to add all values from to the variable product (if applicable).
  4. Most importantly select the Used for variations checkbox to use these for variations.
  5. Select Save attributes.

Variable Product Attribute Output: