Shop Header

Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Woocommerce>Shop Header to customize shop header options

Shop Header Options
  • Enable Header: Choose Header Enable or Disable in Shop Header
  • Header Variant: Choose Header Type
  • Enable Sticky Header: Choose Header is Sticky or not
  • Enable Top Navbar: Choose Top Navbar Enable or Disable
  • Enable Language Dropdown: Choose Language Dropdown Enable or not
  • Enable Minicart: Choose Minicart Enable or Disable
  • Enable Signin: Choose Signin Enable or Disable
  • Enable Navbar Button: Choose Navbar button Enable or not
  • Button CSS Class: Enter Css classes in the button
  • Navbar Button color: Choose the Button color. Default: Primary
  • Navbar Button Text: Change the Button Text Default: Become Local Expert
  • Navbar Button link: Enter the link to button
  • Navbar Button size: Choose the Button size. Default: wide
  • Navbar Button shape: Choose the Button shape. Default: Rounded-xs
  • Navbar Button variant: Choose the Button variant.