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  • You can choose the footer styles here.

General Settings

  • Enter shop addresss 1 in the given text area.
  • Enter shop addresss 2 in the given text area.
  • Enable or Disable footer content menu.
  • Enable or Disable footer social menu.
  • Enable or Disable footer widgets.
  • Enable or Disable footer payment method.
  • Enter payment image url.
  • Enable or Disable language switcher.
  • Enable or Disable currency switcher.

Logo Settings

  • Enabl or Disable svg logo.
  • Upload logo for footer.

Newsletter Settings

  • Enable or Disable newsletter settings.
  • Enter newsletter title.
  • Enter newsletter description.

Menu Settings

  • Select a footer menu using dropdown option.

Footer Widgets

  • Select footer widget for all footer columns.

Footer copyright settings

  • Enable or disable footer copyright text.
  • Enter copyright text.


  • You can add additional class in Advanced.